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"The next ‘Insane Curve’
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Just get online, spend an hour setting this up,
catch an insane curve, and a few clicks
later you could watch your first £30 stake
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£1,100 or more in a couple of days!”

Hello there,

What are you doing next week?

If you’re free for an hour (at any time that suits you, day or night), I’d like to show you something that I can pretty much guarantee you’ve not tried before.

You can go online one evening, set it up, and get going straight after I’ve walked you through this just the one time. If you spot an insane curve, you can place your stake there and then. Maybe £50, maybe £100, maybe £30. It’s up to you.

Then switch off your PC and get on with the rest of your evening. The next morning you go to work as usual. You might have forgotten about this. But if you remember, you might take a quick peek on line, and see your £30 has crept up to £45.

Pretty good, but nothing to write home about.

Later that evening you get home and decide to have another look.

Your £30 has now shot up to £190. You again check just before you turn in... £290!

The next day it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up. You have another look, and can’t believe it when you see £410 sitting in your account.

At this point you wonder if you should cash in or let it ride. Maybe you should cash in half?

But even as you’re deciding you see it jump up to £430...then £460...

I’m not plucking these amounts out of thin air. I’m describing exactly how I felt when one of my early stakes hit an insane curve, without me studying charts or crunching numbers. I couldn’t stop watching! My stake just kept going up...and up...and up...

I eventually bailed out when I’d made sixteen times my money – using something that’s been getting a lot of press over the last few months, but that NO ONE has revealed how to make money from.

Until now.

You might well have heard of this phenomenon yourself. It’s been in all the papers and been featured a lot on the news. CNN have focussed on it, it’s been on Newsnight, and even politicians have got involved. The Chinese government even threatened to ban it!

But only a handful of people know how to make money out of it. I’m one of those people. I guess I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, because right now, this method of making money from home is pretty much a closed shop.

Don’t worry – this isn’t illegal. Far from it. One of the major exchanges in the U.S. has plans to list it and trade it, and a lot of big companies like Amazon are lining up to get involved.

But at the moment, this is a sort of underground movement. Or I guess an online movement is more accurate – one that’s had a lot of column inches and airtime devoted to it, and even had books written about it.

But as far as I know, no one has ever revealed how to cash in on this – until now. Because I am more than happy to show you how to use this to turn small stakes of your own into serious bundles of cash very, very quickly.

I’m talking about maybe 20 minutes a day just checking a few things online (no charts, no complex number-crunching, no financial jargon), then if we catch an insane curve, you could be looking £300, £500, £900, £1,100 or more dumped in your account in a matter of days, sometimes even hours.

All you need is a bog standard computer, and an Internet connection. I’ll show you how to do the rest.

Anyone can do this – you don't need special skills or talents. But you DO need to forget everything you think you know about trading or making an income from home.

Because this is genuinely like nothing you have seen before. But the results can be amazing...

This was my first result. What will yours be?

The first time I ever tried this, I watched in astonishment as my £100 stake turned into £200, then £300, then £400...going up and up and up until it hit £1,400.

I didn’t have to do anything once my stake was placed. I didn’t have to ‘follow the bet’ or make adjustments as things unfolded, I didn’t have to change stop-losses as the money went up and up – once my stake was down I could have just shut up shop and got on with my day.

But I couldn’t resist watching!

I was at work at the time and kept sneaking online to see my stake grow. It’s pretty addictive when you see the money piling up so quickly! And never, in my life, had I seen anything going up as quickly as this!

I’ve tried pretty much every sort of home-trading course and strategy in my time, and over the years I’d become pretty good at it. I come from an IT background and have no financial experience, but from picking up things here and there and trading traditional Forex in my spare time I was building my betting bank by about 3-4% a month. I don’t know how much you know about Forex, but that’s pretty good going.

But this new online form of trading was blowing that out of the water.

My £100 turned into £1,400 in three days, without me having to do ANY gruelling analysis or follow any tricky strategy.

Because once you hit an ‘insane curve’, it takes your stake through the roof without you doing a thing!

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t some magical foolproof system that never fails. There’s no such thing as that. Sometimes I’ve lost my £40 or £50 stake when an insane curve doesn’t appear. Even though I know what to look for and the signs to spot, sometimes the curve just doesn’t materialise and my stake either inches up a bit, stays pretty much at the same level or fizzles out.

But like I say, when the curve DOES hit (and I’ve seen more than my fair share), the returns you can make are amazing.

Since that first time, I’ve become totally hooked on this. I’ve tried dozens of different home-income strategies over the years (we’ve probably tried some of the same ones)... but nothing, repeat nothing, comes close to this in terms of how MUCH you can make, how QUICKLY it happens, how LITTLE you have to put down and how EASY it is.

Now, maybe £1,400 doesn’t sound like much to you. It’s hardly millions is it? £1,400 might pay for a decent holiday (or a very fancy weekend break), it might cover a couple of month’s mortgage or rent, it might pay off a few debts...

But imagine making that once a month, or once a week. Because you never know when an insane curve is going to hit.

Gets more interesting doesn’t it?

Remember, £1,400 was from my first ever go at this. I took a stab at it and ended up with £1,400 in my account. From £100 stake. And that’s the most I could have lost - £100. This isn’t spread betting. This is a way of making potential very fat returns with very limited risk.

And it happens regularly...

No charts, no complex systems, no number crunching, no spread betting... but you still get to make serious profits.

I was so pumped by this new form of trading (especially as it involved zero financial know-how) I took the plunge again, this time laying down two smallish stakes of around £150.

The first one made me 16x my money.

Read that again.

Sixteen times my money.

It caught an insane curve and went from £100 to £1,600 in days.

The second wasn’t as startling - it ‘only’ turned into £400.

But it was so easy and thrilling I haven’t looked back since.

Of course I’ve lost money too. Sometimes my whole stake goes up in smoke. That happens in this world. It happens in any gambling, betting or trading world. But that’s the most you can lose – your initial stake. This isn’t spread betting where you bet per point, and suddenly £20-a-pip can land you with a £2,000 loss.

Here, if you bet £20, the most you will lose is £20.

But you could make £60, £100, £160 or more from that tiny stake!

I’m not making millions from this. I guess theoretically I could, but I’d have to put down much larger stakes, maybe £5,000 or £10,000 at a time – and that’s just not me.

I prefer to risk small stakes – around £50 to £100 is my personal limit.

So if you follow my lead this WON’T be a way to make millions, or £500,000 a year income, or buy that yacht that other systems seem to promise you.

But finding something that can genuinely take a small stake like £50 and raise it to £500 or £600 or £1,000 can really give you an attractive source of extra income without any mind-boggling or time-consuming analysis.

Like I say, this is a totally new way of trading.

And like I say, you may well have heard about it. You just won’t know how to make money from it. This is so new that very few people do.

So what is this?

Here’s the thing...

I want you to try this, as my guest, and read my guide IN FULL before you make a decision on this, because there’s been so much written about this new idea (a lot of it wrong) that there’s a chance you’ll be put off by what you’ve heard.

Like I say, this has made headlines, it’s been on the news, it’s been talked about by the big banks – but all they ever focus on is the arguments about it. For examples some banks hate it because they can’t control it, which means they can’t rig it.

So if I reveal the secret here, you may dismiss it because of what you THINK you know about this method. And that means you could miss out on something big, something I think could develop into a serious second income for you if you join me and TRY this.

And you can try it risk free, as my guest. I’ll reveal everything about this, warts and all, and show you how you can get set up and make some money from this.

Spend an hour looking through this, and you’ll know if you’re going to want to do this. No questions. There are no complicated charts or financial jargon to swallow, there’s no method you have to learn.

This is as easy as it gets. In fact you might be amazed that I made sixteen times my money from something so basic!

I’ll explain more in a minute. But rest assured, you really do not need to spend time crunching any numbers or looking at complex strategies or learning how to study form or read charts.

In fact, before I sat down to write this letter, I went through this system backwards and forwards. Because I’m so used to this now I do this practically on auto-pilot these days. So I thought there might be a chance I’d fooled myself into thinking this was easier than it was.

So I ran through the whole programme as if I was starting from scratch again, and this is the ONLY thing I found that comes close to number-crunching...

To make money from this you need to be
able to perform this one financial task...

Ready to tackle a numbers question? Here goes...

Can you count to 50?

This is a serious question. Have you got the ability to count up to 50?

Because that is the ONLY mathematical ‘skill’ you need to do this.

I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m being a smart-arse and asking you a question you’re bound to get right. But seriously, there’s no other calculation or numerical work involved with this system.

You just have to look for the number 50 twice – both times at the beginning of the process.

That is the only mathematical task you need to tackle to make huge returns from small stakes.

The rest simply involves you going online and reading certain postings that show you where the next insane curve could strike.

That’s it!

But the only way I can really show you what this is about is to tell you everything from the beginning (including the bits you might have heard), show you how I made my profits, then walk you through the whole shebang, start to finish – so you can go online and do this yourself...

An hour after you receive the guide you’ll be qualified to start doing this. That’s all it takes. ONE read through.

None of that ‘try it on paper first’ with this method. You can if you want, but I don’t think you have to. It’s so simple.

So, do you fancy it?

Do you fancy going online and looking for these insane curves, as my guest?

And would you be happy putting down £30 or so for the chance of making 10x, 30x, maybe 50x your money when you hit a curve?


I wish I could tell you there’s more to it than that. I wish I could say I’ve developed a system that’s taken me 10 years to perfect, or that involves you looking at prices or studying charts.

That would sound more substantial.

But the truth is you don’t have to do any of that to get involved.

You just have to know which online posts to look at, you have to check for the number 50 – twice – and that is basically it.

That’s all you have to agree to do to make this work.

Yes, there’s the usual opening an online account and getting yourself set up with a trading bank which I’ll show you how to do (like I say you can start with £50 if you want)... but once you’re ready to take the plunge – you can start immediately and if you hit a curve you can see your profits building up immediately.

And it doesn't matter how many people do it. If it did, I certainly wouldn't be revealing it to you! So if you’re making good money and enjoying this, tell your mates. I don’t really mind (although maybe you’ll want to keep it to yourself. It’s a bit of a kick telling your friends or work colleagues you made £300 or £500 or more using something most people haven’t got a clue about!).

So, all YOU need to do now is make ONE decision.

“Do I want to try this? Do I want to take a look at something most people haven’t a clue about, and be one of the first people in the country to start making money out of this?”

Because you absolutely will be one of the first. As far as I know there is no other guide or service that taps into this new form of online trading.

And I really do mean it when I say you can read this FULL system entirely without the slightest risk to yourself. That way you can make an informed decision about this, not react to rumours and gossip about it.

All I want is an hour of your time for me to explain this in detail so that you can get it working for yourself.


Can you spare me an hour next week so
I can show you how this works?

Check your diary for the next week or so. Do you think you’ll be able to spare me an hour so I can explain this fully and get you started?

If you can, and you follow what I’m going to share with you, you’ll have a dead simple way of turning fifty odd quid into £100, £250, £500, £800 or more.

Who knows? I’ve seen these trades come good so quickly that £50 becomes £3,000 in less than five days.

And that’s without risking an insane amount of money. We’re not talking about staking £100-a-pip or anything like that here. Nothing of the sort.

On my first stab at this I risked £100 (and that’s all - it was impossible to lose any more)… and I saw that shoot up to £1,400.

And that was my first go.

Since then, I’ve seen this new type of trading record huge amounts for all sorts of people… in incredibly short timeframes.

All I ask is that you spend ONE HOUR reading the guide. You’ll know if this is something you want to do after that. You may have some questions – and I’m happy to answer any of them. But this system is so easy, chances are you won’t need to ask me a thing.

You’ll just take a look and know if you’re in or not.

And that’s all I want you to do: take a look. That’s it. You’re not risking a bean at this stage. I’ve explained why I’m not happy to go into huge detail and explain the nuts and bolts of this in the letter. But I’m very happy to send you all the details you need to get in on this.

Try it. See what you think. See if it suits you. If it doesn’t, just let me know within your trial and I’ll refund you fully, no problem. I just want you to SEE this yourself, at home, with no pressure.

So, the obvious question...

How much does this cost?

In a couple of years time I reckon this will be as big as Forex, and there’ll probably be dozens of people offering dozens of strategies on it.

But right now, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person offering a way into this. I’ve certainly not seen anything like this and I get tons of mailings every week.

This is the ONLY place you’re going to find out about this.

So when I see some services and guides being offered at £495, £995, even two or three grand, I thought maybe I should charge the same.

Or maybe I should charge £1,400 – the same amount as I pulled in on my first ever attempt doing this.

But I genuinely want everyone and anyone who’s interested in this to be able to take this first step with me and get involved. And I don’t want people stretching themselves to do it.

So, I’m happy to let you have my guide (I won’t tell you what I’ve called it here, I’m keeping it all under wraps until you sign up and see the WHOLE thing) for just £79.

And that’s only if you want to KEEP the guide.

Your 'Peace of Mind' No-Quibble Guarantee

Examine the full guide in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. It’ll take you an hour to read properly, but take as long as you want (you have 30 days after all!).

Read the whole story, go online and start taking a closer look. Get yourself set up and follow my strategy. I think you’ll enjoy every minute. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply return the manual in any condition within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money.

Fair enough? I hope so.

So now it's over to you...

Take a moment to think what’s on offer here...

Take a moment to think if you’re really going to turn down the opportunity to be one of the first people in the UK to try something entirely new... something that turned my first £100 down into £1400, something that throws up chances again and again...

Something that could have made you a lot of money by the time most people get involved!

Of course you can lose money using this as well. You can lose money on any trading or betting system in the world. But with this, you are only ever risking your initial stake (£10, £20, £100, £200 – it’s up to you what you’re comfortable with), and if you catch an insane curve you can make, well, insane money for the amount you’re putting down!

Isn't it about time you had a go at something really different (and this IS very different!).

No charts. No number crunching. No complex strategies you have to sit down and learn like a school kid.

This is a different way to make money – one that’s thrilling, one that’s like nothing else. Because when an insane curve hits, your small stake can shoot through the roof.

And I want you to try it – risk free.

I'm not promising millions, yachts, private jets and holiday homes. To make that sort of money you have to stake huge amounts of money.

This is all about staking SMALL amounts to make STUPENDOUS returns – and it’s going to be huge.

Take your first step into this world with me – and try this now!

I look forward to welcoming you in and showing you around.

And helping you make your first profit!

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All the best

PS This is NOT poker, roulette or any casino-style gambling. This is NOT horse racing or sports betting of any description. This is NOT arbitrage or fixed odds betting. This is not trading $ or £STG etc.

This is entirely new. Don’t pass up the chance to be one of the first to get in – TRY IT TODAY!

PPS Remember, there are NO charts to study, no hours of staring at a screen, no complex signals to follow – this is different. So if you only want the same old conventional systems, this is not for you!

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