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Managing Director

Nick Laight

My name is Nick Laight and I am Managing Director of Canonbury Publishing Ltd. I started this business with my wife Heloise back in September 2003. I help people like you to find genuine, honest and ethical part-time and full-time business ideas that really work.

I've been a publisher of investment and business opportunity advice for 13 years. I've generated over £11 million in sales for the publishing industry, financial services, and business products. I now write my own newsletter:
What Really Makes Money?

You can get my advice for FREE by signing up to my e-letter.

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Heloise Laight - Director

Heloise Laight

I've been in the publishing industry for over 12 years and as Marketing Director then Head of Publishing for a large newsletter publisher I was responsible for the launch of many successful titles. But after I took maternity leave I realised it would be impossible to go back to full time employment and still spend enough time with my son.

So along with my husband Nick I set up a company (Canonbury Publishing Ltd). Our aim was to find and test out great home business that would allow people (like us) to leave full time employment and become our own bosses. We've been publishing What Really Makes Money for 5 years now and are proud to say our readers have had some great success stories (just check out the testimonials from our readers here).

With my experience in the direct marketing industry I regularly contribute to What Really Makes Money with advice on marketing and direct mail and am happy to help with any direct queries you may have.

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Our Customer Services Team

Our Customer Services Bureau are TCO Services. The team are on hand to help with subscription, payment and general enquiries 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

You can always email or call them with any queries or questions. They'd love to hear from you!

Please call us on 0208 597 0181

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Clive Keeling - Editor, What Really Wins Money

Clive Keeling

Ok, I'll admit, I'm a betting geek! I spend all my spare time analysing systems and tracking tipsters to bring you the systems that really work.

I'm the editor of What Really Wins Money - make sure you get my FREE e-letter to get all my tips and advice. Please email about all things betting, gambling and trading related!

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Avril Harper - Editor, eBay Confidential

Avril Harper

My name is Avril Harper - I'm the editor of eBay Confidential which offers you specific instructions on how to start (and more importantly run) a home-based eBay business that will bring you profits.... month after month - year after year. Apart from writing for Canonbury Publishing, selling on eBay is how I make a living. Get my FREE e-letter and find out how you could be doing the same!

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Emily Rees - eBusiness Manager

Emily Rees

Most of our business is done online or by email now, and we're always looking at new ways to develop in this area. We test online marketing ideas, so that we can pass on tips and strategies to you through Nick's What Really Makes Money, or via ebooks such as No Website Required. The aim is to help you expand your existing business or create an online empire from scratch!

I got into what you'd broadly call 'ebusiness' because I wanted to show that you don't have to be a techie whiz kid to make money online. I taught myself to build websites from a beginner's book in a weekend and became interested in the marketing side of things too. I really hope that we are able to inspire you to try marketing strategies and business ideas online and not to be scared that it's all a bit 'technical'. There is normally a simple and cost effective way round everything! If you have any question or queries about getting your business online, or profiting online, please email me.

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