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Our story

Nick and Heloise Laight, the husband and wife duo behind Canonbury Publishing Ltd, have a lifelong passion for helping people and businesses achieve extraordinary results through strategic learning and upscaling their skills.

With more than 60 years combined experience of publishing business, financial, and lifestyle titles, they’ve set out to provide high-quality advice for people seeking to master valuable skills, start their own business or grow an exisiting business.

Since launching Canonbury’ back in 2003, more than 60,000 motivated individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners have used their publications to help find proven business strategies.

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Our expertise

Decades of business experience

Information Publishing

With an enviable track record of successful launches going back to the early 1990s, Nick and Heloise are admired by publishers and customers alike for their professionalism, ethics and above all results. They work closely with experts who want to share their knowledge with a wider audience while making sure their customers receive the highest quality training and support.

Sales & Marketing

Thanks to 30 years of hands-on business experience, Nick and Heloise are recognised experts in direct response marketing. Heloise started her career in direct mail and made the successful transition online, managing countless groundbreaking product launches and campaigns. Nick is one of the UK’s most accomplished direct response copywriters, email and content marketers. He also consults for businesses large and small on communications, content and inbound sales strategies.

Investing & Finance

Nick and Heloise started their careers at Agora Inc – the world’s largest financial newsletter publishing business. Based in the London office, they were instrumental in publishing classic titles including The Fleet Street Letter and many others. In their own business, they have worked with some of the UK’s leading financial traders and market analysts to create hugely popular educational programmes.

Meet the founders

Heloise Laight

Co-Founder & CEO

Heloise joined Agora’s London office in 1992 as a marketing assistant. Her marketing skills were quickly recognised and she eventually rose to become Marketing Director and then Director of Publishing.

During her time at Agora she built a superstar team of direct marketers and went on to recruit and train key staff in the UK, France, South Africa and Australia.

She co-founded Canonbury Publishing Ltd with her husband Nick in 2003. Since then they have worked with experts across a wide range of subjects to publish scores of educational and training products & services to their audience of over 60,000 subscribers.

Nick Laight

Co-Founder & CEO

Like Heloise, Nick spent his formative years at global financial publishing giant Agora in their London office as a copywriter.

Fascinated by every aspect of the information publishing business, Nick held numerous high profile roles including Editorial Director, Digital Publishing Director and Publisher.

As well as helping individuals and businesses through Canonbury, Nick has held the chair of Specialised Information Publishers Association (SIPA) and copy chief at The American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI). He is an in-demand speaker, business consultant and mentor.

Outside of ‘work’ Nick is occasionally found Djing obscure music, creating digital art and twiddling the knobs on his analog synthesiser!

What our customers say

Jon Jay

I just wanted to take time out to say thank you for this incredible wealth of ideas, inspiration and advice. After only a few days I’m beginning to think this really is the best subscription I’ve ever taken out

Terry Davies

Nick, your publications are superb, the best I’ve read, look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.

O. Railey

Your newsletter makes for extremely compelling reading and the presentation is top class, so I would like to congratulate yourself and team on a brilliant piece of “No holds barred literature”… keep up the brilliant work

J. Moore

A great Newsletter 10 out of 10. A breath of fresh air, someone who is not afraid to say it as it is.

Case Study

How Jason Retooled his Teaching Skills to Become a Leading Financial Educator

Former electrical engineering lecturer, Jason Alexander, first approached Heloise and Nick back in 2010 with an idea for a financial education product aimed at non-professionals. After a hugely successful launch, Canonbury proceeded to co-create and launch a string of incredibly popular titles, live events and software. Over the years Jason has gained a large and loyal following thanks to his revolutionary training methods.

Case Study

From Chinese Takeaway to Global eCommerce Success!

Ben Lee first came across Canonbury Publishing as a subscriber to one of their publications where he read about how to set up an e-commerce business. Still working at his family restaurant, he started selling on Amazon part-time. Within a few years he had built a multi-million pound e-commerce brand and now works with Canonbury to teach his unique online business model to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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