Dear Friend,

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are.

If you bet on the basis of WIN or LOSE, you’ll never turn horse racing into a profitable long-term investment.

Yes, EVEN if you use betting exchanges like Betfair.

However, there is a way to gain the advantage over time.

And it isn’t through win or lose betting.

Instead, just imagine that every time you bet…

You get THREE bites of the cherry…

If you don’t make money the first time, you get a SECOND chance…

And if you don’t make money that time, you get a THIRD chance.

With this approach you are highly likely to cover any losses – while giving you more exposure to the upside.

Over time, this will notch your earnings higher and higher… slowly but surely.

It’s LOW RISK and it really works.

This is a system I’ve been sharing with a select group of private subscribers since the beginning of 2020.

And the results speak for themselves.

Since launch, this system has had 39 out of 41 winning months

That’s a total of +420 points profit…

There is a very good reason that this method is so consistent.

Because every time, we get three bites of the cherry to either win, or recover any small losses.

As one of my clients says:

“This is my type of low-risk strategy…

Three attempts to get it right and more often than not it does the business in those three attempts…

I like this one a lot.”


However, rather than take Ron’s word for it…

Or even mine, for that matter…

I’d like to show you how this Triple Lay system works, RISK-FREE for the next 30 days.

Trade on paper, or with real money – it’s up to you!

See how much you could make before you make any commitment to buying it from me.

Sound fair?

If so, click here and you can get instant access to it.

Yes, Andrew, Show Me Your Triple Lay Method

Or if you need a little more detail, let me explain…

Why Win or Lose Betting Never Works in the Long Run

My name is Andrew David. You might know me from my Price Equalisation Method and Quick-fire Betting Profits services.

Or my betting advisory service, Little Acorns, which won five Betting Oscars for “best horse racing system”.

I specialise in helping bettors maximise their gains for the least risk exposure.

The key is to use Betting exchanges like Betfair, which give you the ability to limit your risk and set stop losses, so you have control over your investment.

It’s said that Betfair gives you a ‘bookies advantage’…

But in reality, the chance of the outcome happening or not are highly accurately reflected in the prices before the event.

They also charge a 5% commission on all winning outcomes. This eats away at any slight winning edge you might gain from using a system or strategy.

So if you play the odds only and using level stakes, you’re always going to lose out, long term.

Backing horses to win and letting your bet run to its conclusion with either a “win” or “lose” outcome is NEVER going to grow your bank over the years.

But there is an alternative that I want to show you…

Introducing the Triple Lay Cash Drop strategy

On Betting exchanges ‘place only’ betting is available.

This is where you can back or Lay a horse to come first, second, third, or fourth depending on field size.

Thanks to this option, we now have a market where we can have a few bites of the cherry, rather than a one hit wonder.

This is at the heart of my Triple Lay Cash Drop strategy.

With this strategy we aim to make a profit from a Lay place bet…

But if that doesn’t happen, we have TWO MORE chances to get our money back on that  very same day.

At worst you cover your losses.

At best, you come out on top.

However, the important thing is that by reducing the risk – while increasing the winning chances – you gain an edge over time.

We’re talking 10-15pts on average per month!

Your gains will more than outweigh the 5% commission on Betfair.

In fact, as I’ll show you, this incredible strategy can also be used on betting exchanges with only 2% commission charges, adding more to your bottom line!

This is the strategy I want to send to you today, for a risk-free trial, so you can see how it works…

I’ll give you all the steps you need AND I’ll coach you in the practical method using video coaching PLUS my email support and guidance.

As you’ll see, this is a very simple strategy to operate and one that takes no more than 2 minutes to evaluate a race and place a Lay bet.

  • The selections are easy and quick to find (I’ll show you exactly how to do it)
  • There are 3-6 qualifiers per day, but you DON’T have to use them all…
  • You can operate this as a “bet and go” system with just ONE selection per day.
  • You place your bet between 2pm – 6pm in the winter, but during summer months (May – Sept) you can also bet from 6pm – 9.30pm
  • It can be used on UK and Irish racing and all weather, both Flat and National Hunt races.

Another huge advantage of this is its flexibility…

You can bet as and when you can. There’s no need for continuous betting in order to make long term profits, so you don’t have to worry about missing days.

Also, because you’re using Betfair and other exchanges, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been banned or “gubbed” by the bookmaker.

And you won’t get banned from the exchanges either – as they only make their commission from winning bets!

But try it today and see how you get on for the next FOUR weeks.

If you don’t make the money you hoped for, you can have a full refund.

However, based on actual results since this system launched to a small group of private clients at the beginning of 2020, you should be seeing a return every single month.

Look at this….

£18,680 TAX-FREE in just 12 months!

Here’s what some of my subscribers have to say about this system:

“Hi Andrew,

I purchased this due to all the positive smoke signals on the forums and glad I did! Currently £120 up to £10 units. Going really well and prob the best I’ve seen in my years of following systems.


“Thank Andrew for this great method – love it!

Yes its only been 2 months but currently 18pts up and never got a sweat up….


“I have to say triple lay cash drop is the best system I have clapped eyes since I started betting in 20 years in fact probably the only system that really works..I

Delighted bud!”


“Hi Andrew!

Happy to promote your products, because they actually work and make money, unlike many others that I have spent money on!

Looking forward to getting started with the bonus strategy!

Thanks again,”


“Hello Andrew, very impressed with your triple lay system.”


“Hi Andrew,

Have joined triple Lay, around 2 July, I thought I would update you on my progress. Still learning n understanding, but currently on a profit of hitting £10K today. Hope that classes as a good start.”

Nadeem Iqbal



I am amazed. I have used TLCD since 8th of May, not even a full month and the system has already paid for itself. I have made over 18 points…

It cannot get better!

Thanks, Andrew!”


Since launch in 2020 and you could have made a total of +420.

Because of lockdown in April-May, this covers just 34 months of racing.          

With a betting bank of £1,500 and using the advised staking plan with no compounding, betting £10 each time, you could have made £3,486 TAX FREE!

But look what happens if you compound your winnings by reinvesting your gains each time…

£10,572 PROFIT in 10 months of racing in 2020!

Results Using Compounding from a £1,500 Start Bank

(Actual Not projected compound profits based on previous years results in this case Jan 2020 – Dec 2021)

*(2% of starting and 2% of new bank total each month)

That’s a £10,572 profit on your starting bank.

And if you include the 2021 results, your bank goes up to £154,711.05 which is a profit of £153,211.05.

Now stakes greater than £2,000 units are unrealistic to place comfortably so we now rest back to a £1,500 start bank for 2022 and 2023 so far and carry on compounding….

That’s a 1,572% gain on bank in 19 months…

By the way, this is the ACTUAL, and not projected, compound profits based on the real results. And obviously you could take a % of profits out of your bank each year so you keep your stakes manageable whilst still benefiting from the overall effects of compounding.

No wonder my subscribers love it…

“Nice and easy is what I like and this is golden and profitable!”

“Great angle and I have never liked handicaps from a backing point of view so this makes great sense and shows excellent profits and little losses so far… Nice!”

Mark W

“A quick and easy £20 today Andrew with two wins at plumpton!”

Roger F

“14 wins this week alone and 2 easy recovery bets with 2 small losses so £55 up to £5 stakes is nothing to be sniffed at! Cheers.”


“Nearly got 100% today only for the last at Kelso, I noticed using triple lay only on heavy going gives amazing results.”


“Hi Andrew, 4 great days out of 4 over Cheltenham during televised racing only – what an excellent and sensible approach to strategic betting. About £170 ish up…

Great that its cost us very little when we lose. This is my kind of lay betting.”


“This is only the second time I have ever paid for a system and I’m feeling extremely positive about it.”


“Hi Andrew,

A great day yesterday, with 8 selections, 4 of them successful, making an almost 5pt profit overall. It’s looking very good!”


“Hello Andrew. I’ve tried TLCD for the past couple of days and I’m nearly 3 points up, so happy days.”


“Another good day yesterday. Now 7.2 points up after just 9 days. Great stuff!”


However, you can try it yourself for the next 30 days and see how much you make – test it out on paper if you want to make it totally risk-free!

Respond today, and I will send you a full set of instructions, along with the criteria, the process and the staking plan.

I’ll not only hand over the strategy but use videos to coach you in the practical process of placing the bets.

Once you know the system, you’ll find it very easy to use – but I’ll be available to answer any questions should you get stuck.

So how much will this cost?

As you can see, my current members are loving this system, and it’s never had a losing month.

With a starting bank of £1,500 and with compounding by reinvesting your gains you could have increased your bank to £778,367 in 34 months.

So I hope that you’ll find £197 a fair price for this information.

Remember this is totally risk free for 30 days. You don’t have to commit to paying this now.

You can access the system, get my video coaching and start using the strategy.

If within 30 days you don’t think you can make good money  – or you just don’t want to continue for any reason – then you can just let me know and I’ll refund you.

Does that sound fair enough?

If so, download it immediately and get started!

I think you’re going to love this easy, low risk investment strategy – but see what you think first.

YES! Give me Instant RISK-FREE Access to the Triple Lay Cash Drop

Best wishes

Andrew David

Here are some more messages from my happy subscribers:

“This is my second day with TLCD and I’m loving it. I can’t believe how simple it is and yet it seems so promising.    After less than 2 days I’m 4 points up.  I’m using the bet engine to set the bets which just means I have to look at it from time to time to see if it needs a reset to start the cycle again but it’s really no hardship while I’m at home. 

Thanks and best wishes”

Edwin H 

“Hi Andrew!

Triple Lay has quickly become my favourite strategy! It’s so simple to use! Thank you!”


“I have recently bought the triple lay cash drop system which I think is an excellent low risk strategy . I like your systems that are low risk best ,you usually only make 10 to 20 points profit a month on average but they are practically risk free , thanks”


“Enjoying this system and see the long term benefits.”


“Hi Andrew,

I’m thrilled to say that Triple Lay Cash Drop continues to deliver! I’m now up 16 points in just under 3 weeks.

The strike rate is an incredible 34% delivering an almost 22% ROI! Wow!



“I am also a purchaser of “Triple Lay Cash Drop”, the idea of which I very much like . Early days, but it appears to have great long term potential.”

Mike C

“Hi Andrew,

Bought a great product from you in Triple Lay Cash Drop. Used it the last 6 days and I am +10.2 points in profit.

Many Thanks.



“Hi Andrew,

…the triple lay is going well and is very easy to do. Thankyou so much.

Kind regards”


“Also been using Triple Lay since 10th May and currently 6.7 points up. Cheers!”


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